Probiotic salad: transform your salad into a superfood

Probiotic salad: transform your salad into a superfood

Does a Probiotic salad sound like something you would like to try? You can transform your salad into a superfood.

When I started making pickles at home, there was some resistance from my family.

My oldest daughter didn’t want to hear anything about healthy eating at all. So I had to find ways to integrate it into the food without them noticing, and I started turning every salad into a superfood with the help of the probiotics of sauerkraut.

Sauerkraut juice has all the properties of sauerkraut itself. It is rich in vitamin C and is full of good bacteria for your body. Sauerkraut juice can be taken by spoonfuls and is great if you start to feel like you’re getting a cold. And if you already have the flu, you can take it as medicine, one spoonful every hour.

Add the sauerkraut juice to any kind of salad that has a sour dressing or juice. Replace anything sour with the juice.

You can make a simple green salad. You can also make your “vinaigrette” to dress with the juice of the sauerkraut instead of the vinegar.

I’m Mexican. I like cucumber with lime but the flavor is so much better if you put the sauerkraut juice in!

Another thing you can do is use pickled garlic instead of regular garlic for your meals, include a side dish like pickled onions, fermented carrots, and of course sauerkraut! As you can see, including homemade pickles in your meals is easier than it seems, just replace the “normal” vegetables with the fermented ones and that’s it!

What you should always remember is to start small, as your stomach may suffer from the somewhat laxative effects of probiotics in large quantities.

If you have more examples of how to integrate probiotics into “traditional” recipes, be sure to share them with me on Facebook. 

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