Benefits of natural cosmetics

By Nuria, see bio below


More people are starting to believe that we are what we eat, thus look for fresh and organic options for their table and palate; I hope you’re among them! But, why not try and go a step further?


On average, 80% of what we apply on our skin is also absorbed into the bloodstream – practically 100%, when we consider applying the various number of products on our face – and this happens because it does not pass through the liver, our natural filter. Fresh, fully-natural cosmetics is my first choice when it comes to nourishing my body through my skin.


Maybe, you are one of those who claim not to use cosmetics? Have you considered the shampoo, shower gel, toothpaste or sunscreen that you use, just to mention some of the many products commonly found in our bathrooms. Their use also contributes to the accumulation to some of the 3kg of undesired ingredients in our bodies every year, not to mention what ends up in the water once we rinse our face or bodies off, and as a result reaches rivers, seas and the fish we eat. It all comes back!


In any case, if  you do it for your own health or for that of the planet, I suggest you read cosmetic labels carefully and/or find a brand you fully trust, this will save you from the hassle of investigating every new product. I found mine and I will tell you about it in a minute.


You might be asking yourself, who is this Nuria that wants me to worry so much about what I put on my skin? As if it wasn’t enough of a challenge to try and eat healthy!


Worried about the legacy we are building for the generations to come, I decided to combine my corporate experience with topics such as sustainability, business ethics or equality. During my search I came across Ringana and not only did I fall in love with its philosophy, but its supplements also helped me to refill the minerals and vitamins reserves lost due to a prolonged phase of stress. I then tried the cosmetics and my skin regained a sense of vitality that I had not seen in a long time. Can you guess what came next? I started talking about it left and right! And finally became an independent partner of the brand.


Because most things in this life come with a give and a take, in the last 2 years I offered different people many opportunities: some discovered products that pamper their bodies as well as the environment; others have embarked with me on this adventure of building their own business while raising awareness about a more responsible consumption. In return, I have met wonderful people, who introduced me to new facets of what we call healthy and eco-sustainable living. Claudia is among them!


Fully aware of the importance of a healthy gut and how probiotics can boost it, I thought a thousand times about starting to ferment at home. However, I only jumped into it after joining one of Claudia’s workshops. Ever since my daughter loves sauerkraut!


This is how an initially professionally-driven decision has positively affected a lifestyle I already considered healthy, but which I am complementing day by day. My last experience, meditating with my children before bedtime!


I was lucky enough to find a fully reliable brand soon after discovering the amount of endocrine and hormonal disruptors, micro-plastics and other harmful ingredients which I had been consuming over years. If you have not done it yet, I encourage you to do some research and find out what your body is eating through your skin. Free apps like CodeCheck or Yuka can ease this process and, if you live in Europe, I would be glad to help you, just contact me.


Let me share with you my reasons for using 100% natural cosmetics:


They do not contain synthetic or harmful substances

Many scientific studies link some ingredients in cosmetics to all kinds of autoimmune diseases, allergies or even cancer. In addition to the above-mentioned apps, you can easily find on internet lists of toxic substances and their health-effects. They can help you take conscience of what you are doing to your cells, only then will the motivation to look for alternatives arise in you.

You might be asking yourself ‘if these ingredients are toxic, why do we find them in consumption products, there is no regulation?’ The regulatory issue is complicated, some ingredients are prohibited in foot, but not in cosmetics (even when they also penetrate our bodies!) and others are legally admissible in small quantities. The problem is that our body has a memory and small doses add up, not only during years of consumption of a given product, but also due to the use of several products with a harmful ingredient.

Note also that the absence of synthetic substances is true for 100% natural products. I have often seen sunscreens advertised as (natural) mineral, which however contain synthetic substances (only way to reach an SPC50). This would give rise to another article, but I will let you do a search for yourself as to why a well applied mineral factor 30 or even 20 provides sufficient sun protection. No need to absorb synthetics to protect us from the sun!


Simplify your bathroom

By choosing well, the need of different products for one functionality disappears. Once the choice is based solely on the benefit to your body, things such as fragrance or colour become less important and one product per functionality will make it. Furthermore, when truly 100% natural, cosmetics can be safely used by the whole family, kids included (the ones I use are also unisex!). Say goodbye to a bathroom with 20 types of bottles!


Its effectiveness is visible, long-lasting and … REAL

Natural cosmetics with a certain quality will use active substances highly antioxidant, moisturising and cell regenerative/depurative. With appropriate formulations, problems are not hidden but solved. The skin is hydrated, not covered with a layer to make it look smooth and homogeneous while our real skin is crying out for help from below. The hair is naturally nourished, not covered with silicones that make it shine artificially. The armpits don’t smell but they do sweat because that’s the only way to expel the toxins and help our bodies detoxify… shall I go on?

In some cases, at a first stage we can experience an overreaction to a given natural product. Nothing to worry! Unless allergic to one of the ingredients, the reason for that apparently greasier hair, that deodorant that seems to work in reverse, or that cream that makes your skin reddish, is nothing else than a detoxification effect of your body, which is expelling part of the synthetics it has been absorbing over the years. Be patient, in a short lapse of time positive results will pay off. In my case the skin reacted well to the change and my teeth exceptionally, while hair and armpits needed a couple of weeks to adapt.


More quality in less quantity

It might seem cheaper to buy a 3 Euro moisturizer than a mixture of oils, vegetarian and essential extracts. However, the quality of the components in the 3 EUR cream is easy to imagine; in all probability its main component will be paraffin, a petroleum-based hydrocarbon that clogs the skin.

If you compare them with those of a certain prestige in the cosmetic industry, natural cosmetics are actually more economical, especially considering the amount you need for a similar or better result.

If you have the choice, don’t compare just by price, as it is only the result of a chain of costs and margins. Compare instead the quality and quantity of the active ingredients used and how much the producer spends on research and development. To give you a couple of examples, it is not the same as mixing lemon and sugar which creates a scrub that exfoliates the skin but also moisturises and respects its dermal balance. A manual mix of several ingredients with individual positive effects, is also not comparable to relying on high-tech, biotechnology and synergic formulation to combine standardised and even patented natural active ingredients to manufacture a cream.

In addition to the already mentioned Apps, I really like, not only because it is independent (hence its use is fee-based), but also because it clearly shows which percentage of the ingredients contained in a given cosmetic have a POSITIVE and REAL effect on our body (vs. neutral or not recommended).


In general, their production is more responsible

Just by avoiding undesired substances among its ingredients, we can be sure that less harmful residues are dropped to the environment. However, should you also pay attention to the manufacturing principles of the companies you buy from, you can find those who do not use toxic elements at all, who always buy at a fair price, who guarantee equal treatment to employees, who truly stand behind the reduce-reuse-recycle principle (e.g. on packaging but also on electricity, water or raw material usage)… in short, companies operating under eco-sustainable and ethical values. Ringana fulfils everything mentioned previously and more so, why not give it a try!? Should you live in a country that does not supply Ringana, please investigate further and I am sure you’ll find companies that meeti at least some of the mentioned requirements.


If you already pay attention to what you eat, prioritising fresh and toxic-free products, why not do the same with your cosmetics? Dare to question your habits and try new things!


Nuria Anguera

Nuria Anguera Ringana

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Entrepreneur and mother of two, concerned about the well-being of her children and the planet that they will receive as a legacy.

Convinced that many small changes result in great transformations, I promote a more responsible consumption, non-toxic personal-care products and a lucrative activity tailored to individual needs.





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