Time to reinvent yourself and stay healthy

We are currently living a metamorphosis as a society. There will be a “before” and “after”. But what about the “in between”?


How will you remember this time? Now that you have some time on your hands, how are you spending it?


I like reading or listening to books, podcasts, and interviews with people who inspire me. Just yesterday I listened to Melanie Moore, a woman whom I follow regularly because she is positive and a great source of motivation. She posed a few questions that caught my attention, “April has begun, what is your plan for this month? What would you like to achieve?


I realized that with every month that goes by, and all the hustle and bustle of life, I never stop and ask myself these questions. I’m always thinking about what I’m going to cook, what homework the kids have if we need toilet paper or dog food, etc. I’m sure this sounds familiar…


Now, with the current situation we face, as a world – if we look at the positive side of what we’re going through, we could look at it as an opportunity to take some time to reflect. Now that I have some extra time on my hands, what can I do now that I haven’t done due to lack of time?


And the same goes for you, what have you left out or wanted to do previously that you can start doing today?


A friend that I spoke with, told me that her company had cut her work hours to part-time and that she is now going to start painting. Another friend is taking advantage of the extra time to get things organized before her baby is born. Another friend is learning something new, perhaps after this situation is over, he will change his job or start a new business.


I also listened to a podcast with Jim Kwik, who talks a lot about the importance of constant learning to maintain a healthy and agile brain. In his latest podcast, he uses the analogy between the caterpillar’s cocoon and our situation of isolation.

He tells the story of a boy who saw a caterpillar and asked his mother if he could keep it. The mom told him that he could keep it, only if he took good care of it. So they put it in a jar with some leaves for it to eat. The caterpillar started to make its cocoon. And as time went by, the cocoon got bigger and bigger. And there came a time when the caterpillar started trying to get out of its little house. Bit by bit with little movements and pushes. The boy who watched everything in fascination felt sorry for the caterpillar because it struggled so much. So he got an idea and ran to get some scissors. He opened the little house for the caterpillar. And the caterpillar came out of his little house, but it was neither a caterpillar nor a butterfly. The boy ran to his mother and told her everything that happened. The mother replied, that unfortunately, the caterpillar would never be a butterfly. She explained to him how the caterpillar needed to struggle to become a butterfly and that the struggle was part of the process and was needed.


Just like the caterpillar, we might believe that we are ready to come out of our cocoons, when in fact, we are being given a chance to grow and develop, to become even stronger. While in our cocoons, maybe we are meant to use our time to reinvent ourselves and strengthen our defenses during the time?

If you close your eyes and imagine yourself in the future when all this has passed, how do you want to remember yourself? When you ask yourself, what did I do during my time of isolation? What would you like to remember yourself doing?

In another podcast, I listened to Tee Major, who gives many tips on how to exercise in confined spaces. If you live in a small place, you can also exercise and stay in shape. But to stay healthy, it’s not only important to exercise and eat healthily, it’s also very important to feed your eyes and ears with positive messages. Pay attention to what you choose to watch on TV or read on social media. I invite you to be very selective in what you read and listen to and to choose things that nourish you, inspire you and motivate you to prepare yourself during this metamorphosis we are all living through.


And when we are finally ready to come out of our cocoon, may our wings be strong and healthy.


Here’s a list of what I do to stay healthy and to reinvent myself:


  • Exercise at home, even in confined spaces. Movement, even if it’s just up and down the stairs.
  • Meditation or visualization, for mental health, because it is as important as physical health.
  • Journaling, this contributes to mental health as well.
  • Avoid watching or reading news all the time. Surround myself with positive messages.
  • Eat a balanced diet, and add something fermented to meals.
  • And to reinvent myself, I learn something new! There are so many possibilities to learn something new nowadays. One of my favourite learning platforms is Udemy, but there are so many more!


What about you, what are you doing to reinvent yourself and stay healthy? Share your list with me on Facebook!

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