Mouthwatering Fermented Onions Recipe

Ready for a delicious Fermented Onion recipe? Where I grew up, onions are in nearly every dish. We put them in rice, soups, salads. We enjoy them raw, cooked, even roasted! So when I first tried this recipe, I was a bit suspicious of what I was going to taste.


When I finally got to try them, I fell in love with them! They are so delicious, even on their own. I now add them to practically any meal, they go with everything. I’m sure when you finally make these onions, you will also fall in love with them.


Let’s begin by talking about the many benefits that onions provide us with…


The nutritional benefits of onion


Onions vary in shape, color, and sizes and are very flavourful. The onion forms part of the Allium vegetable family. Onions are nutritional. Apart from onions making you cry, they have been said to have some potential health benefits. 


Researchers have conducted many tests that have led them to believe that onions help reduce the risk of cancer. They also contain Vitamin C and support the building and maintenance of collagen, which helps strengthen and improve your skin and hair. It has also been said that onions reduce your blood pressure as well. 


They include small amounts of Calcium, Folate, Iron, Magnesium and so much more! You can learn more about the nutritional benefits of onions in this article: Why are onions good for you? 


Onions are healthy all on their own, but have you tried fermenting them? 


Have you ever gone to a supermarket or a store and seen the jars of pickles and thought, “Can I make this on my own at home? Well, you can! And it’s very easy to make them. There is a great variety of vegetables that you can ferment.


Today, I’m going to share with you the recipe for making Lacto-fermented onions, or in-brine pickled onions. We don’t use the quick-pickling method here, which requires vinegar. We use the in-brine method instead, and let all the great properties of the onion be more bioavailable, powerful, and flavourful by letting this incredible vegetable ferment. And we also benefit from all the live enzymes and probiotics that are present in the Lacto-fermented veggies.


The fermentation of onions does not require many steps. Once you ferment your onions however and taste how delicious the flavor is, dare I say even sweet! You’ll appreciate onions a whole lot more!


You can use your onions in any dish as you would regularly. You can include them in salads and as a side dish. It’s best to eat them raw, the flavor is so much more delicious and not pungent at all!


See the recipe below.

Fermented Onions

A delicious and flavourful fermented onion recipe.


  • 1 liter Glass Jar


  • 2 Large onions (Any color)
  • 1 liter Water (No chlorine)
  • Salt


  • Peel and cut the onions into strips (julienne cut).
  • Add 30 grams of salt to the liter of water (3% brine).
  • Put the onion that has been cut into julienne strips in the jar.
  • Cover the jar with brine. It is important that the liquid from the brine completely covers the onions.
  • Cut a round piece of a big onion and put it on the top, to make some kind of lid. The weight will help the onions stay at the bottom of the jar.
  • Let the onions ferment for 3-7 days, in a place where they are not in direct sunlight. Make a note of the date when you started fermenting them.
  • After 3-4 days, you can taste them and if they are to your liking, you can put them in the fridge.

That’s it!


Give it a try, take some pictures and send them to us! We’d love to see the finished product.

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