What is sauerkraut and why it is so healthy

Our ancestors knew just how important food is for our immune system. Hippocrates, known as the father of medicine, is also known to have said: “Let food be thy medicine”.

As medicine advanced, recent generations forgot about this saying and man-made medicine became more important than natural remedies.

Many of us are now going back to what our ancestors used to practice in terms of food and medicine. One of the practices that is coming back is fermentation.

Fermentation has always been used as a way to preserve food, but we now know that when we ferment vegetables, their nutrients are easier to absorb.

Fermented foods are not only full of probiotics, they also contain important nutrients, such as Vitamin K2 and other B vitamins. They aid in the detoxification process and add a variety of beneficial bacteria to our system.

For example, a regular cabbage contains moderate amounts of vitamin C, but when the cabbage is made into sauerkraut, the vitamin C content increases and so does its bioavailability.

The easiest way to help your microbiome populate the beneficial bacteria our body needs is by eating probiotic foods every day. We should eat ideally one serving of fermented foods with every meal.



Making sauerkraut is easy, all it takes is a jar, the cabbage or vegetable you want to ferment, a good quality salt, time and a bit of patience. We can all create naturally and easily probiotic foods from the comfort of our little kitchens.

The actual work of fermentation is minimal, all you need to do is wash the jar, add the cabbage (approx. 1 kilo), add the salt (approx. 20 grams). Massage the cabbage a bit so all the juices can come out. Add carrots or other vegetables and some water if necessary. Close the jar and wait until the kraut is bubbling, which is about 10 days. From this time on you can try it. Once it is to your liking, you can put it in the fridge and enjoy a bit with every meal.

Luckily the fermentation fever has now arrived in Switzerland, more books about fermentation are coming out, as well as new workshops about fermentation.

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