The joy of sharing ferments

I’ve been sharing the love of ferments for a few years now. The day before the workshop I usually feel the excitement inside of me. Who am I going to meet? or Will they like my ferments? or Will they like the way I teach? Will I convert them? I usually start fermenting a couple of weeks before the workshop. The day before, I buy the cabbage for the sauerkraut. That is a whole adventure in itself! For my last workshop, I went to 4 different places. In the first place, the cabbages were minuscule and didn’t look fresh. The second shop had only 2 cabbages, the third one, none! And luckily for me, the 4th shop had 6 more cabbages. I needed only 8 this time. For me, it is the joy of sharing ferments that led my workshops!

At night, before going to bed, I double check my list. The handouts are printed, the aprons are ironed. The last thing I do is to move my ferments from the big jars to small jars, so I can easily transport them. Everything is all set the night before, I have the feeling of accomplishment and can’t wait for the next day!

Why do I love teaching the basics of fermentation?

I think about all the people I have met through these workshops. I have met a great variety of interesting people, from health conscious people, like doctors, health coaches, nutritionists, biohackers; to people who are just embarking into a healthier world. A lot of them have tried making fermented foods at home, but were not sure if they were doing it right. Other people just come because they are curious. And others, are either sent by their nutritionist, or doctor, or even a friend who knows about their health issues. Either way, I love to see how at the end of the workshop, after all their questions have been answered, they look rather relieved and excited because they realise how easy it is to make fermented foods.

And that is exactly what I love about teaching the basics of fermentation. Whether they eat fermented foods for the rest of their lives, or whether they forget about them the minute the workshop ends, a small seed is planted. And most will go on spreading the love of ferments.

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