How to make kefir smoothie to start the day

How do I start my day?

Mornings are usually a rush, between getting kids up, making breakfast, taking the dog out, and getting myself ready. I used to be proud of being able to multitask, but nowadays I try to be mindful and focus on only one task at a time. I have to admit, I find that difficult, so I try to be productive in other ways. For breakfast, I like to make oatmeal, eggs, or kefir pancakes for the kids. So in all this rush, the perfect breakfast for me is a kefir smoothie to start the day.

How do I make kefir smoothie?

My day usually starts the night before. I make milk kefir every night. If you have never made milk kefir before, You can check an easy recipe to make milk kefir so you can see that it is not complicated to make.

Once I have the fresh kefir in a jar, I add chia seeds and leave them on the counter overnight. The seeds expand during the night and the kefir thickens. The next morning I start by adding nuts, berries, ginger, Curcuma, coconut or MCT oil, seeds, and anything healthy I find in my little kitchen.

When breakfast is nearly ready, I mix my smoothie. This action has a double purpose, it makes my smoothie and at the same time the noise wakes the kids up, in case they are still lingering in bed.

I leave my kefir smoothie on the counter, talk to the kids, clean the kitchen, and finish doing whatever I need to do before starting the day. If I work from home, I place my smoothie on the desk next to my laptop. I don’t usually drink it straight away. I wait until the kids have left so I can enjoy it peacefully and quietly. If it is a day I work outside, I take it with me on the train and drink it whilst listening to a podcast on the way.

This kefir smoothie, some water, and tea are all I need in the morning.

Do you have any breakfast tips for busy mornings? Did you like the kefir smoothie to start the day? How do you like to start your day? Share your tips on my Facebook page!

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