Easy recipe to make water Kefir

Water kefir is also known as tibicos, tibi, sugar kefir, Japanese water crystals, bebees, Australian bees, African bees, California Bees, ale nuts, balm of Gilead, or beer seeds. The word "kefir" means "feel good" in Turkish. That's why water kefir has various health benefits, including immunity. Let's learn an easy recipe to make water kefir.

You can make water kefir with kefir grains (small, translucent, gelatinous structures comprised of assorted bacteria and yeasts), water, and sugars. You can find Kefir or tibicos cultures around the world, with no two cultures being exactly the same. It is important to say that Water kefir grains are translucent, white, and break easily when they are squeezed between the fingers; they more closely resemble irregular crystals. Check this easy recipe to make water kefir!

Method to make water kefir:

  1. Dissolve 70-100 g of sugar into a liter of water
  2. Add the water kefir grains
  3. Cover the jar with a tea towel and secure it with a rubber.
  4. Leave it on the kitchen counter for about 48 hours.
  5. After this period, drain the kefir grains and put the fermented drink in a bottle (with no grains). You can drink the fermented kefir or go for a second fermentation on step 6. If you are not going to drink it right away, refrigerate the fermented drink.
  6. Start the process all over again with the kefir grains or take a break from making kefir on step 7.
  7. Second-fermenting: Add flavor if desired (ginger, fruit juice, lemon), then close the lid and leave it on the kitchen counter for another 12-24 hours.
  8. Taking a break from making kefir: Place the water kefir grains in a small container with water with sugar and close the lid. Place the container in the fridge for a week or two. After this period you would need to change the sugar water again.
  9. To make kefir again, drain and rinse the grains and go to step 1.

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